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4000 Miles 

by Amy Herzog

ATYP Under the Wharf – 2013

Exec Producer MopHead & Catnip Productions
Director Anthony Skuse
Dialect Coach Linda Nicholls-Gidley
Lighting Designer Sara Swersky
Designer Gez Xavier Mansfield
With Diana McLean, Stephen Multari, Aileen Huyn

& Eloise Snape
Video: Here

Vera is a vibrantly dimensional 91-year-old - prickly, stubborn and mentally acute. Leo is her 21-year-old grandson who shows up in the middle of the night at her Greenwhich Village apartment. He's just biked cross-country from Minnesota to New York. Along the way, something happened that he can't stand to talk about and has him evading all responsibility. Bridging gulfs of sapce and time, Vera and Leo connect over several days, negotiating romantic potholes with an estranged girlfriend and an art student he picks up at a bar. The generation gap provides much humour and insight. Herzog digs deeply and humanely into her characters' psyche, tracing the emotional fault lines that link them to a painful family history.

Sydney Theatre Awards

Nomination: Best Actress - Diana McLean 
Nomination: Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Eloise Snape

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