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4000 Miles 

by Amy Herzog


John Shand (Sydney Morning Herald) - "If your heart is sick or just needs warming, go and se this play. If you are a baby boomer who doesn't understand your grandchildren or are from Gen Y and, like, really weirded out by your grandparents, go and see this play. If you simply love theatre, go and see this play."


Diana Simmonds (Stagenoise) – “McLean and Multari form one of the most unexpectedly delightful and moving pairings to be seen on a Sydney stage this or any other year.”


Jo Litson (Sunday Telegraph) – “A gentle, compassionate play about an emotionally fragile young man and his feisty elderly grandmother. Worth a look. The two lead performances in 4000 Miles are beautifully understated.”


Concrete Playground – “Audiences should be flocking to this production.”


Theatre Red – “We say plays are good - and this one is. Very. And the production is superb. The cast is uniformly brilliant. And Anthony Skuse, once again, has shown he’s a magnificent director.” 





La Boite - April 30th - May 17th, 2014

Director Anthony Skuse
Executive Producers MopHead and Catnip Productions

Set & Costume Designer Gez Xavier Mansfield

Lighting Designer Sara Swersky
Sound Designer Marty Jamieson

Voice & Dialect Coach Linda Nicholls Gidley
With Diana McLean, Stephen Multari, Aileen Huynh & Joanna Downing


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