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by Anton Chekhov / Adapted by Anthony Skuse

ATYP Selects – 2014

Exec Producer MopHead & Catnip Productions
Director & Designer Anthony Skuse
Lighting Designer Christopher Page

Costume Designer Cat Dibley
Sound Designer Alistair Wallace
With Charlie Garber, Geraldine Hakewill, Matilda Ridgway, Sam O'Sullivan, Graeme McRae, Eloise Snape, Terry Karabelas, Gary Clemenston, Suzanne Pereira, Amy Hack, Eddie McKenna, Jason Perini, Dorje Swallow & Sam Trotman.


It has been a long winter and now all the friends and hangers-on are gathering to gossip, flirt and mourn the passing of their idealism as only 20-somethings can. But it's not all gloom and doom. After all, this is Russia. There's drinking! And singing! And love. Platonov's unique variety of charms has caught the attention of more than one woman. But he is by no means a typical Don Juan. Nope. He's the bored, intellectual, middle class hipster that has become a staple of the Easter Suburbs.


Against a backdrop of extramarital affairs, attempted suicides, fights and comic desperation, Platonov is a more than plausible hero and heart-throb. Platonov is an event of epic proportions, including 20 performers and live music, all the while exploring the pains of loving too much or too little. 

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