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References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot

by José Rivera

Griffin Independent – 2009

Exec Producer Arts Radar
Director Anthony Skuse
Musical Director Juan Carlos Rios
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Designer Rita Carmondy
With Taryn Brine, Arka Das, iOTA, Stephen Multari,  Olivia Stambouliah & Lani Tupu
Video: Here


From the writer of The Motorcycle Diaries comes a sizzling story about love, lust and the conflicts of war. Gabriela is a young army wife waiting on the edge of the desert with a cat, a young neighbour and the moon for company, dreaming of her man Benito’s return.


Lying under the night sky, the moon serenades her with his violin, the cat pursues its own parallel love interest with a coyote, whilst the boy next door declares his hand. 


Lyrical and sensual, poetic and earthy, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot is a meditation on the impossible. A surreal romance about love and longing that explores the scars of war on those who fight it and those who are left behind.

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