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Exec Producer Darlinghurst Theatre Company
Project Submitted by MopHead
Director Iaian Sinclair

Production Designer Alicia Clements

Lighting Designer Daniel Barber

Composer Nate Edmondson

Sound Designer Katelyn Shaw

Stage Manager Ryan Tate

Assistant Stage Manager Marie-Christine Menard-Bergaron
With Robert Alexander, Emma Palmer, Stephen Multari, 

Simon London & Fraser Crane.

The famed children of Peter Pan are now adults. Wendy's expecting her first child, John's a jaded history teacher and Michael's never around.

Each remembers childhood adventures or pirates, treasure and magic.

But memory is a tricky thing. Was it just make-believe or could it have been real? And now adulthood is full of pointless responsibility.

If only Peter Pan would return.


Darlinghurst Theatre Company presents the world premiere of an extraordinary new Australian work, Remembering Pirates.


Supported by the Stafford Morgan Family 

Remembering Pirates

by Christopher Harley

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