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The House of Ramon Iglesia

by José Rivera 

The Old Fitz Theatre – May 12 - June 6, 2015

Director Anthony Skuse

Production Manager Fraser Orford

Set & Costume Designer Georgia Hopkins

Lighting Designer Chris Page

Sound Designer Alistair Wallace

Dialect Coach Linda Nicholls-Gidley

Stage Manager Nicholas Foustellis

With Christian Charisiou, Deborah Galanos, Nicholas Papademetriou, Ronny Jon Paul Mouawad, Stephen Multari, Eloise Snape & David Soncin


The Iglesia family is a Puerto Rican clan that migrated to Long Island in 1961, and whose members we meet in 1980. JAVIER is a young political science graduate, who often finds his parents embarrassingly indistinguishable from the Puerto Rican “fools” loitering on 8th Avenue. Father RAMON is a menial labourer usually rendered incoherent by his twin curses of diabetes and alcoholism. Religious mother DELORES has never really bothered to learn English. CHARLIE, the most innocent of them all, is on the cusp of forging an identity for himself, and middle child JULIO wants to join the Marines, much to Javier’s disgust. And for some reason, CAROLINE, Javier’s beautiful white trailer-trash girlfriend wants to tag along for the epic and often humorous Hispanic ride. As the play progresses, we realise the sharp-tongued, well-educated Javier is no prince and his parents, while no saints, are far more complicated than they first appear.

Sydney Theatre Awards

Nomination: Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Deborah Galanos 

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