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The Humans [Australian Premiere]
by Stephen Karam

The Blake family have assembled for Thanksgiving dinner at the run-down Manhattan apartment of youngest daughter Brigid and her boyfriend. Tragically, this middle-class clan seems to be spiralling towards perilous entropy. Stephen Karam's blistering funny, bruisingly sad and altogether wonderful comedy-drama is written with a fresh-feeling naturalism and theatrical daring. 


'The Humans' depicts the way we live now with precision and compassion. "We" being the non-one-percenters, most of whom are peering around anxiously at the uncertain future and the unsteady world,

as we fight through each day trying to keep optimism afloat in our hearts.

The Old Fitz Theatre – Sept 5 - Oct 6, 2018

Director Anthea Williams 

Producer Stephen Multari & Eloise Snape

Associate Producer Chad Traupmann

Production Manager Felix Johnson

Production Associate Nathalie Murray

Stage Manager Paisley Williams

Voice & Dialect Coach Linda Nicholls Gidley
Set and Costume Designer  Jonathan Hindmarsh

Lighting Designer Kelsey Lee

Sound Designer Clemence Williams

With Arky Michael, Di Adams, Diana McLean, Eloise Snape, 

Madeleine Jones & Reza Momenzada

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